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November, 2009

Changing Face of ARI

2009 has been a year of changes for August Roofing. In addition to our new logo and look, we have also strengthened our staff in preparation for our future growth. Our newest additions include Jerry Vandewater, VP Sales & Marketing and Neal Berry, Sales/ Estimator. These new positions have been added to enable August Roofing to better serve our customers and expand our service and influence throughout the community.

Preparing for the Future

There is no question that we are witnessing changes in our society and, in all likelihood many of these changes will have an effect on how people think about their roofing needs. In an era where more and more people will be staying in their homes rather than moving, investing in a roof that lasts longer and minimizes repair and maintenance is going to be far more important than it was in the past. Factor in the growing awareness of issues such as energy conservation, environmental responsibility and building sustainability and you start to realize that a roof may actually be more than a simple protective layer against the elements.

Since roofs serve as the primary protection against not just the rain but also the sun, recent studies, particularly here in California have been focusing on Cool Roofing as a way of preventing heat gain into the house and reducing the energy costs associated with air-conditioning. August Roofing has become one of the leaders in Cool Roofing solutions in Southern California and has developed energy saving roof solutions for both residential and commercial buildings, well in advance of the new California Energy Codes that are slated for enforcement in January 2010.

In anticipation of the changing trends, August Roofing has embarked upon a new Value Analysis Program whereby we perform an extensive evaluation of all aspects of a roof that will define the overall best value for our customers. While traditional aspects such as price and appearance still feature prominently in our analysis, we take the extra step of performing a comparison of other factors such as Product History, Warranty, Durability and even a Green Measure that evaluates Life Cycle Costs, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint. In essence, our company is committed to providing the most sustainable solution for our customer so that the true value will be realized for years beyond what has typically been expected of roofing materials.

Expanding Services

In response to the increased emphasis on keeping roofs intact through the recession, August Roofing has now established a dedicated Service and Maintenance department headed up by David Bernstein. In addition to our standard repair and maintenance service, we expanded our presence into the Real Estate and Property Management communities with our inspection services and No Worries roof certification program. Timely repair and consistent maintenance are two of the most important factors in extending the service life of a building’s roof. While most people don’t spend much time thinking about their roofs (except us), giving proper attention to the condition of your roofs can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs or total roof replacement.

Roof Related Quotes?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin
“A stitch in time, saves nine” – Benjamin Franklin (inventor, philosopher, roofer?)
“Never look down” – Countless old timer roofers (who never did)

Life’s Rules

 “No one is more definite about the solution than one who doesn’t understand the problem” – Robert Half
“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied” – Otto von Bismarck
“If we’re told that we are here to help others – what are the others here for?” – George Carlin

Concrete Roofing

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