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Flat Roof

Torch Down or Coatings serve as the weatherproofing component to protect a flat roof's surface from water and the sun's damaging rays.

Torch Down

Torch Down

Torch Down is a two- or three-ply system with a base sheet, an optional mid sheet, and a finish cap sheet.

The base sheet is the initial membrane and is mechanically fastened to roof. Next, the optional mid sheet would be torch applied as a second layer of defense to provide extra protection against leakage. Finally, the torch-applied cap sheet is the top layer, creating the first line of defense against leakage.

Cap sheet comes in many colors, although white is the most common. In some geographic areas, it’s required that the cap sheet reflects the sun’s rays.



Coating is a restorative process used to extend the life of a flat roof. The first coat, called the primer, creates a bondable surface on the existing roof. The second, or mid coat, creates the first water proof membrane sealing the roof. The top coat creates another layer of defense against leakage as well as adding a reflective element to the roof.