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Home Style Guide

Colors have power, and they've held this power for centuries. Royals wore purple clothes to symbolize and show off their wealth; white has always been closely tied to themes of virtue and pure intentions. However, colors have more weight than just the meanings we've given them.

Color also has the power to affect and alter your mood, behavior, and thoughts. This is one of many reasons you want to make sure the color palette you've selected for your home matches your space's desired feel.

Blue & Green

If you want your home to have a soothing feeling and be a calming environment for you to retreat to, then there's a certain set of colors you should lean towards. Blues and greens are heavily associated with nature and the outdoors, specifically the tranquility of the sea and the soft movement of the trees.

Utilizing these colors throughout your home, whether it's inside or outside, will invite those feelings of peace into your home and your life.

Beige & Gold

If you're looking for warmth and a more neutral environment, then beige and gold is the palette for your home. These two colors together balance each other out nicely; the gold accentuates the pair's boldness, while the beige grounds the color scheme.

Black & Gray

A different but equally effective calming and neutral palette that you can select is a black, white, and grey combination. While the contrast between the black and white might seem stark and cold, the grey ties the two together, giving the combo a serene look and feel.

When designing your home, it's essential to consider all of the facets. It's easy to get swept up in picking out the furniture or the hardwood floors, but equally important to focus on the roofing materials and the color selection there.

For help making sure your roof material and color is right for you, contact our team of experts at August Roofing and Solar for assistance.