Man working on a roof

Everything You Need to Know About Roofing Maintenance

Roof repair is expensive and inconvenient -- roof replacement is even worse. That’s why it pays to keep your roof in good condition.

With proper maintenance, you should expect to get at least 20 years out of your asphalt shingle roof before needing to replace it. Extending the lifespan of your roof takes a little work. Fortunately, most of the tips we’re providing here are easy DIY jobs you can handle over the course of a weekend. Check these items off several times each year to keep your roof in tip-top condition.

Clean Gutters

We advise homeowners to remove debris from gutters two or three times annually. Dead leaves can hold moisture, and that moisture can quickly damage your roof’s rafters and sheathing. And all of that wet debris can weigh down your gutters, threatening to pull loose. Also, clogged and soggy gutters can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. To clean the gutters, you’ll need the following:

  • Gloves

  • Dust mask

  • Safety Goggles

  • Garden trowel

  • Bucket

  • Secure ladder

Use your ladder with caution, making sure that it’s secure at all times. Alternatively, you can use a gutter flusher or gutter trowel that extends your garden hose with a high-pressure washing mechanism to blast debris through the downspout.

Get Rid of Moss

We don’t get much moss in Southern California, thankfully. However, if you have a particularly rainy season, and if large trees shade your roof, moss could develop. Left unchecked, moss can destroy your roof and shorten its lifespan. Like leaves, moss gathers moisture, and that moisture can weaken the structural integrity of your roof and of your home.

Banish Leaves

Like moss and dirty gutters, leaves hold moisture that can adversely affect your roof. Leaves gathered near the chimney or in roof valleys are notorious for drawing in and retaining moisture. Over time, the ongoing dampness can cause serious harm to your home and to your roof.

Remove Overhead Branches

If your home is graced with leafy overhanging boughs, the limbs should be pruned regularly. Our fierce Santa Ana winds are strong enough to break branches (and even topple trees.) Trimming back your trees will protect not only your roof, but also your siding and windows.

Inspect Your Roof and Attic

Regularly inspect your roof for any cracked shingles or shingles that are buckling, bending, curling, or missing. Check the attic ceiling for cracks through which you can see daylight as well as for water stains.

Your roof should be adequately ventilated. That keeps rafting and sheathing from rotting if moisture gets trapped inside. Insufficient ventilation can cause mold and reduce the effectiveness of your home’s insulation.

Schedule Professional Roofing Maintenance

It’s essential to do your part to take care of your roof. It’s also important to have it inspected professionally every year to make sure that you’re covering all the bases. A weakened or leaky roof can damage other parts of the house. The worst-case scenario for a poorly maintained roof is the total collapse of a dwelling. Annual roofing maintenance is easier and cheaper than roof repair or roof replacement.

The fully-certified roofing professionals at August Roofing and Solar perform complete roofing maintenance that includes the following services:

  • Ensuring that no obstructions interfere with proper roofing maintenance.

  • Checking for potentially damaging branches.

  • Inspecting for any necessary roof repairs.

  • Removing debris from the gutters.

  • Removing moss, mold, and vegetation from shingles.

  • Checking for rot or corrosion inside the shingles and near the gutters.

Keep your roof healthy with annual roofing maintenance. Visit us online or call us directly at (805) 519-8099 to learn more.