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Decorate Your Roof With Care

Decorate Your Roof With Care

The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means dusting off the old decorations from the garage. If you want to stand out this holiday season, make sure to have the most decorative house on the block, especially on your home’s exterior. While getting your holiday roof decorations up, you want to avoid damaging your roof and gutters by following some of these roof care tips.

Know What You Want Ahead Of Time

Before you even think of hanging up lights and decorations on your roof, the best preventative measure against any damage is to have a plan! Despite sounding reasonably obvious, many times we have encountered cases where homeowners have damaged their roofs by spending far too much time winging their holiday decorations last minute. Spend less time on your roof and avoid hazards by planning your decoration designs ahead of time.

Clipping Your Lights And Decorations

Avoid the urge to nail down any lights you may want to string up along your roof to shingles. Nailing lights to shingles will cause unnecessary damage both in the installation and the removal process. Instead, try clipping your lights to the gutters. By clipping your lights to your gutters, you can avoid any holes in your shingles that can allow moisture build-up within your shingles, leading to mold growth. If you have inflatable or plastic decorations, consider clipping them and weighing them down to avoid any unexpected falls in the middle of the night.

Careful Set-Up And Clean Up

Make sure your lights are connected to a power source that is appropriately rated for the lights you want to decorate your roof with to avoid any overloads. The last thing you want to have is improperly connected lights that can lead to an electrical fire. Moreover, make sure your decorations are rated for outdoor use to prevent any light bulbs from shattering or possibly having to spend more money on replacement decorations. When it comes to taking down your decorations, take caution. Do not just yank your lights and decorations down. You don’t want to ruin your shingles or gutters with one quick motion.

If you have any concerns about your roof and wonder if you need some repairs before setting up decorations, we are here to help at August Roofing and Solar. Call (805) 519-8099 today, and learn more about our services!