How to Protect Your Roof Before a Storm

How to Protect Your Roof Before a Storm

Storms can be chaotic for several reasons and can mean dealing with heavy damages to your roof. Luckily you don’t have to deal with the brunt of the storm’s damage if you prepare ahead of the storm. While you cannot prevent all damage, you can take enough precautions to minimize damage. Here are some ways you can prepare your roof before the next storm rolls around.

Regular Cleaning

It may seem like a small step to take, but cleaning your roof’s gutters and any debris on your roof can make a world of difference. If your gutters are full during a storm, this can lead to leaks as water begins to pool up on your roof with nowhere to go. Think ahead of time and avoid costly water damage repairs by removing gutter clogs and debris.

Tree Maintenance

While not a part of your roof, if you have any trees near your home, it is a good idea to check on their structure and trim the branches regularly. During a storm, the last thing you want is an oversized tree blowing in the wind or water-damaged branches collapsing onto your roof. Regular tree trimmings can help avoid costly roof repairs and a hole in the side of your home.

Small Inspections

Going into your home’s attic to check for any signs of water damage can help give you a good clue if you have some foundational issues with your roof and let you know if it needs replacement before the next storm. Likewise, going outside to check for any loose shingles or damaged parts of your roof is good to note when you need to schedule a call with one of our pros.

Routine Maintenance

The best way to prepare for a storm is to schedule an appointment with one of our pros to help get your roof ready for any storm. While you can take some DIY steps, routine maintenance is the only way to ensure your roof has no underlying issues that will only expand during a storm.

At August Roofing and Solar we have years of experience dealing with roofs and know how to get you ready for the worst mother nature can throw at you! Call us today at (805) 519-8099, and our team can help save you money by avoiding costly storm repairs by preparing you ahead of time.