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We know how overwhelming roofing information can be for new and even longtime homeowners who are not too familiar. So we gathered some of the most common questions we get asked and answered them right here just for you! Aren’t we great? We know we are, but our amazing service aside, we get some common roofing questions.

When Should I Repair My Roof?

This may seem obvious, but deciding when you need to repair your roof depends on the situation. For homeowners with shingled roofs, try to keep an eye on any structural issues on each of the shingles that might indicate warping its shape. If you notice shingles that are starting to curl, it’s time to get a repair. Also, keep an eye out for any missing shingles and even algae growth. That’s right, if you have a bloom of green on your shingles, best to get a repair to avoid a headache in the future.

Do I Just Need A Patch Job Or Replace My Entire Roof?

Whether you have issues with leaks, old shingles showing their age, or even want better insulation for your home, you might need to decide what your roof repair will entail. If you notice just a few broken shingles or a small leak, replacing some parts is acceptable. However, if you see your roof is old and showing its age with numerous leaks, then replacing your entire roof is the way to go. By tackling your entire roof, you can avoid possibly missing some structural issues and needing to go back and replace them; later on, You not only save time by replacing your entire roof, but you also save money.

Can I Just DIY This Roof Job?

While we don’t want to tell you no, we will say this instead, no. We trust that some of you are handy with tools, but sometimes roofs can be tricky for significant structural issues. You can certainly do small patchwork, but when it comes to replacing an entire roof or identifying structural issues with your home, it is best left to the professionals.

What Is The Lifespan Of My Roof?

Depending on how well maintained your roof is, you can expect to have a roof last upwards of twenty years with proper care. Mother nature can do a number on your roof, so always keep an eye on your roof as the years go by, and schedule an inspection every few years to make sure nothing is out of order.

Whether you need help with a roofing project or have questions about your roof, at August Roofing and Solar we are happy to help, so call us today at (805) 519-8099, and pros will be ready for you!