Solar panels and money

Financial Success and Solar

Not so many years ago, solar energy was viewed as far too expensive and inaccessible for the average home or business owner. However, due to great strides in the solar industry, the cost of purchase, installation, or leasing has gone down significantly, making solar energy a much more feasible alternative for so many.

Along with the significant environmental benefits, solar energy can also have a significant impact on your personal and commercial finances. Energy bills continue to increase throughout the United States, but those with solar panels, they’re not feeling the effects of this in the same way.

Savings on Energy Bills

The initial cost of solar is steep compared to going with traditional energy methods. However, over time, with the energy savings you get, you’ll recoup the cost of the panels and installation. You can also opt to lease your panels, so there is no initial purchase cost. Make sure to consult with a solar expert to determine the best route for your household or business.

Savings on Taxes

To encourage more people to go the solar route and to make solar more financially accessible, the government has offered a variety of tax deductions and rebates for those who choose to install solar at their homes or businesses.

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