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Whether you are finally taking on that home remodeling project you’ve been putting off or you are adding a brand-new annex for your expanding business, you can count on August Roofing and Solar. We are proud to be your go-to source for quality flat roofing products and reliable installation and maintenance services. For any flat roof project in Simi Valley, our highly-trained contractors and technicians have the entire toolkit of knowledge and experience to make sure that your roof is completed on time with the highest of workmanship standards. To ensure that all of our clients are 100% satisfied, we use the market’s most cutting-edge tools and technology, and only the highest-quality roofing materials available.

We can maintain roofs with careful annual check-ups and inspections, repair roofs from extreme water and weather damage, and protect roofs from future erosion by our special coating practices. Since flat roofs necessitate even more careful treatments in order to maintain tip-top safety and appearance standards, you never want to entrust your roofing projects to just anyone. Instead, rely on our certified and licensed technicians to complete your home’s roof with absolute efficiency and skill.

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Quality Flat Roof Protection

While flat roofs are stylish, convenient, and safe for those who might want to walk on them, the flat surfaces of these roofs can sometimes be more susceptible to damage. Without the protective layers of shingles, flat roofs can become easily corroded by floods of water or extreme amounts of sun and heat. This is why it is crucial to have our technicians install either Torch Down or Coatings onto your roof. These substances are critical to weatherproof your entire roof.

Torch Down

One of our superior options for protecting your flat roof is that of Torch Down. This system functions by having two-ply layers or three-ply layers cover a base sheet. They can also come with an optional mid sheet, but always include a final cap sheet.

Though the application process will vary slightly depending on your unique needs, it will follow this basic structure:

  • The initial membrane of the base sheet is affixed to the roof by mechanical means.

  • We apply the optional mid sheet if the customer wants the additional support. This would allow a stronger, second defense covering, and would create even greater security against possible leaks.

  • At the end of the process, the final top layer of the cap-sheet is once again torch-applied. This strong layer will be the external layer, safeguarding against any signs of leakage. The external cap sheet comes in several different styles, textures, and colors, though white is the most popular of color at the moment.

Professional Flat Roof Coatings

Coating is another option that homeowners can use to make their flat roof last much longer. This involves a restorative process where the primer, or the first coat, produces a sticky surface on the current roof, which could then have the next layers glued on. The second, mid-coat seals the roof, effectively making a strong, waterproof membrane. Finally, the outer-most topcoat makes yet another defensive layer to fight leakage.

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