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We all have our own idea of what our perfect home looks like, and it’s virtually guaranteed that each of these dream homes will look wildly different from one another. Everyone has different creative ideals matching their distinct personalities and preferences. Here at August Roofing and Solar, we value our customers’ individual desires and designs for the roof of their dreams. If you are looking for sloped roof materials and services, you will be delighted by what we have to offer – a vast variety of styles, colors, materials, and textures.

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Asphalt Shingles

These types of shingles are extremely popular because they have outstanding performance, as well as an economical price.

Asphalt shingles are primarily identified as:

  • Strip: Original strip shingles, the most basic options available are single-layered, and they usually appear to resemble slate in color and texture. Commonly the lightest weight options available, strip shingles appear very flat.

  • Dimensional: Also known as architectural or laminated shingles, these are now the most popular type of shingles in all of the United States. Their multi-dimensional look and build not only makes them appear richer and thicker, but also allows them to provide heavier protection against weather conditions. These shingles also often have superior warranty securities.

  • Luxury: These shingles have the benefits of being upgraded in both functionality as well as style. Colors such as natural slate enhance their aesthetic appearance. You can also select options of unique patterns, including fish scale, diamond, scalloped, or diagonal. Since these shingles can also have upgrades of solar reflectivity and impact resistance, they can provide even further support in extending the life of your roof.

Concrete Tiles

To make concrete tiles, manufacturers create a powerful mixture made out of Portland cement, water, and sand. The proportions of these materials are combined and then set on molds to undergo extreme pressures. Once the tiles have been set, the outer surface is often finished with special materials colored with different oxide additives. This external veneer allows a wide variety of colors and options for customers to select, and is beautiful as well as long-lasting. You can choose from High-profile, Medium-profile, and Low-profile concrete tiles.

Clay Tiles

Clay tile is made is by taking molded clay and baking it at very precise temperatures until it is cured. Depending on the time and temperature achieved during that process, the tile produced will have a different density. These tiles often have new textures of surface added as well, and can also be glazed with a broad range of colors, with the advantage that their colors never fade, unlike concrete. Clay tiles can be either installed flat or interlocking.


In order to create tiles from slate, producers must carefully split larger pieces of slate. These pieces are typically split in a manner that the slate tile matches the same direction of the rock’s natural grain. While slate is not painted, there are many variations of colors, textures, and patterns naturally available, which can then be combined in multiple ways.


While synthetic roofing products resemble normal shingles of asphalt and wood, or concrete and clay tiles, these types of roofs are made from plastic and/or recycled rubber. Synthetic roofing usually weighs less than the natural tile, and can even be installed over traditional roof frames. Some synthetics claim to be more resistant to mold, algae, or severe rain and hail.

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