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There are certain things in life where we need to have frequent, regular maintenance, or disastrous problems will arrive. We get maintenance check-ups for our cars, our blood pressure, our plumbing, and of course, our teeth. Essentially, anything that is worth caring for in our lives needs to have routine checks, or the quality could deteriorate. Since having a sturdy roof over our heads is critical to our safety and well-being, we should have such regular roof maintenance as well.

Remember that leaking or weakened roofs will result in damage to other areas, and can eventually lead to a complete collapse. To ensure the health and safety of you and your family, you need to get annual roof maintenance in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas performed by our highly qualified experts at August Roofing and Solar.

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Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Roof?

One of the most important reasons for having frequent maintenance is making sure that your roof can withstand the elements for its full intended lifespan. Especially with the increased risk of flash floods that occur after long periods of drought, you will need to make sure that the roof of your Simi Valley home or office has been properly maintained. Otherwise, you will find that your property, equipment, and furnishings can be irreparably ruined by a potentially avoidable accident.

What Does Roof Maintenance Include?

Unlike some companies, our roofing team always performs routine roof maintenance with absolute quality. We never simply hire on "occasional odd-job" workers to fulfill this task, but make sure that each and every one of our professionals has been fully certified in delivering the highest quality of service.

Whenever Performing Maintenance, Our Roofers Always Make Sure To:

  • Carefully inspect the location and property for safe access
  • Analyze the distinctive features of your home to make sure that no obstacles such as trees or telephone wires could interfere with maintenance
  • Check for current debris within gutters to be cleared or repairs that might need to be fixed
  • Remove possible vegetation or mold that has begun to grow along shingles
  • Look for any signs of rotting or corrosion within the shingles or the along the gutters

Roof Maintenance Tips

While annual roof maintenance from a professional is necessary, there are some things you can do on your own to help preserve your roof further. This may include regularly cleaning your gutters, checking your shingles, trimming tree branches that are near or on your roof, inspecting your attic’s ventilation, and looking for any signs of damage to your roof’s flashing. By taking these preventive steps you can better gauge the condition of your roof, allowing you to better identify if a repair may be needed.

Avoid Delays for Ultimate Assurance

Unfortunately, because we do not often notice a problem until we are waist-deep in it, we can often forget to perform these check-ups on our roof. This is especially true in Ventura County, since the drought conditions of Southern California mean that we do not immediately notice leak issues. Even if we do happen to notice a leak in our roof, rain may come so infrequently that we assume our roofs do not need full repairs or even replacement. This is why you can never trust the weather to accurately warn you. Instead, get absolute assurance from annual Simi Valley roof maintenance.

Call our team today at (805) 519-8099 so that August Roofing and Solar can ensure that your roof is safe and secure.