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Having a sturdy roof over your head is synonymous with home ownership – and with good reason. Especially if you live in Simi Valley or the surrounding areas, you will always need to have a durable roof that can protect you from some extreme weather conditions natural to the area. We must constantly be ready for excessive dry heat to sudden downpours of rain and hail, and even the occasional earthquake. This means that as homeowners, we have to ensure that our roofs our always in tip-top condition.

Unfortunately, however, the sheer age of a roof, or the unexpected damage it may have received from especially wild weather or a rogue tree branch, may put a damper on this highly crucial requirement. This may leave you wondering about your next step. Should you simply repair your roof or re-roof it? Would a full replacement be more beneficial? Thankfully, you can trust our handy experts to know the exact solution for your individual problem. Our skilled Simi Valley roof replacement technicians at August Roofing and Solar have many years of experience and can help you determine what would work best for you! We will come inspect your roof and help determine the best course of action.

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Potential Signs That Your Roof Should Be Replaced

Sometimes your roof might be looking a bit run-down, but you are unsure of whether it really needs to be replaced. Perhaps you haven’t noticed any actual leaks, which is not a surprise since we can often go for several months without a drop of rain in our desert climate. However, a lack of leaking does not mean that your roof is in good condition. Even if you are trying to maintain it carefully, old age and wear-and-tear can lead to far worse problems down the road. In this case, you should definitely not delay in replacing your roof.

Just a few of the warning signals that your roof should be entirely replaced include:

  • Curling shingle edges

  • Cracked shingles

  • “Balding” shingles with missing granules

  • Large patches of missing shingles

  • Dark or stained shingles

  • Dampness or rot beneath shingle layer

What Season Is Right for a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacements can be done at any time you desire, but ideally you want to get the work done before any extreme conditions of weather that would only cause further damage. In other words, do not put off seeing one of our experts until the rainy season, since overly damp shingles will continue to create havoc in your house’s overall structure. Alternatively, waiting for the extreme heat of summer is not necessarily beneficial either, since your already weakened shingles will suffer from being constantly exposed to extra dry, blazing heat.

This means there is no time like the present for getting a roof replacement in Simi Valley. Rather than hesitating, calling an expert immediately will allow you to preemptively address your roof issues before you incur further damage and costs.

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