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Combined Roofing & Solar Installation

Can I Get a New Roof & Solar Panels at the Same Time?

One of the most common questions we receive from customers looking to switch to solar is whether or not their current roof can support a solar energy system. Should you reroof your house before installing solar panels? For customers whose roof is 30 years old or more, the answer isn’t always one they like to hear—without proper care and maintenance, you may need a serious roof refresh or even a total roof replacement to protect your property before installing a solar energy system. However, here at August Roofing & Solar, we are one of the only companies that can say we are uniquely equipped to handle situations just like these.

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About Our Combined Roofing & Solar Installations

At August, we offer comprehensive roof replacement and solar installation services as a combined package, offering you the improved protection your property needs as well as the renewable energy system you want. We use premium materials and highly-trained techniques to complete your roof installation and we combine it with a solar mounting service to create the perfect solution for your home’s future. This program is not a lease—you own the system for good, and that adds significant value to your home.

August Roofing & Solar is a fully integrated roofing and solar contractor. We don’t send anything off to subcontractors—we do everything ourselves with highly-trained crews of company experts. Because we work in both trades, we are one of the only solar contractors that both use and install code-compliant watertight attachment systems. These specialized solar installation systems help you avoid an improperly installed solar system, which is the number-one cause of premature roof failure.

August is a SunPower Solar Systems Dealer, an Industry Leader

SunPower’s has a long history in the industry and their incredible longevity means you can expect total peace of mind and a great selection of premium products. SunPower has been in business for more than 36 years and globally has installed more than 13.2 GW of solar capacity to date. That's enough solar capacity to power over 7.5 million homes each year! SunPower solar panels are the most efficient and durable technology on the market, offering outstanding durability and great warranties.

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