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Why Solar?

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While solar power is becoming increasingly popular amongst many homeowners, many others are still unsure about its possible benefits and whether it really is worth the value. Maybe you are trying to weigh the advantages yourself – are solar panels worth the hype, or are they just another temporary trend? If you are questioning whether solar panels should be installed in your home, we encourage you to reach out to our solar experts in Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, and the surrounding areas. At August Roofing and Solar, any one of our seasoned technicians is eager to answer your questions and set your mind at ease.

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Abundant Advantages of Receiving Solar Panels

There is a wide variety of benefits that come with using solar panels as a primary or even as a partial source of power, and you can expect this list to just get longer as time goes by.

Some Examples of the Amazing Advantages of Getting Our Professional Solar Panel Services Include:

  • A dramatic decrease in your energy and utility bills
  • 100% free consultations about your house’s location and its ability to have solar panels installed
  • Incentives of tax credit and rebate are offered from both the Federal and State
  • Value added to your property of $20 for each $1 spent, according to the most research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Earned credits with the utility system
  • Greater energy independence
  • Sustainable, environmentally-friendly energy

Global Benefits

Not only is switching to solar energy a smart financial move, but it has a tremendous impact on the environment. In fact, an average home that is powered by solar panels manages to counteract close to 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide during a 20-year period. This cost is equivalent to the amount of gas expended from driving your automobile car for 100,000 miles! At August Roofing and Solar, we are committed to guarding our planet’s health through reliable, safe solar energy.

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