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Do I Need a Solar Battery?

So you have decided to make the switch to solar energy. Congratulations! Now i’s time to fully understand all that solar can do for you. Solar energy is a green and less expensive way to power your home at its simplest form. Still, if you do it correctly, solar energy will also allow you the opportunity to live off the standard power grid.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery is much like it sounds, a battery that allows you to store energy generated by your photovoltaic cells to be used at a later date. Without a solar battery, your system is connected to the power grid. This continues to circulate energy throughout your home if you need more electricity than your panels have produced. It also means that when your panels produce too much power, that excess energy is sent back through the grid, which will result in a credit on your next electricity bill.

If you chose to install a solar battery instead of using the power grid, all excess energy that your solar panels produce would get stored inside the battery. When your home needs more energy than your panels are currently generating, your system would be able to dip into the solar batteries power reserve to power your home. Essentially, solar batteries provide the opportunity to disconnect from the power grid fully.

Do I need a solar battery for my residence?

While you technically don’t need a solar battery in order to operate your solar-powered energy system, unless, of course, you want to live where a power grid does not reach, installing one will only give you more freedom.

If you have more questions about your new solar energy system or solar batteries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.