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In all solar installations, panels typically steal the spotlight. Although they do serve a critical purpose, the batteries in a solar system are just as crucial. Without them, all the power the panels collect would be wasted. In a sunny region like Southern California, you'll want to make sure that you have a properly sized battery bank to utilize solar to its full potential.

August Roofing & Solar is Southern California's trusted solar panel company, and we have an array of products available to our customers. Our team is highly professional and driven by success, and you can trust our 5-star accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. We've been operating since 1991 and can be trusted for all your solar needs.

Custom Solar Battery Systems in Southern California

Solar battery storage is the lifeblood of your solar array. You want to ensure that the energy produced during powerful sunny days is being stored for later use, such as when it's cloudy. If your battery bank is too small, you risk running out of power and defaulting to the grid. August Roofing & Solar can work with you to devise a solution perfectly tailored to your home. While our solar installers are professionals at fixing the panels to your home, we're also highly knowledgeable on the electrical details of a solar system. To determine how much solar energy storage you need, we'll calculate:

  • Energy Consumption: Daily electrical consumption varies from household to household. It's important to know this value so that your stored solar energy will be enough to sustain it.
  • Sunlight Hours: This varies based on location and time of year, but in general, Southern California is a great place for solar.
  • Square Footage of Your Roof: This helps us decide how many panels we can safely put onto your home.
  • Weight-Load Rating: Additionally, it's important for us to know how much weight your roof can hold so that we don't exceed this value with an excessive solar array.

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Although you might be tempted to go all-out with a large number of panels, you are much better off investing in solar-powered backup batteries for your home. Doing so will ensure that you'll always have power available to you, even when it is stormy, cloudy, or dark outside. August Roofing & Solar can easily provide you with a high-quality battery bank that keeps your home running. In addition, we are Southern California's top roofing company and can provide you with a combined SolaRoof installation for maximum efficiency. Contact us today for a quote.