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Debunking Common Roof Myths

There is a wide variety of myths floating around when it comes to roof installations and maintenance. We’re debunking some of the most common ones here:

Roofs Last the Lifespan of Your House

While some parts of your home, like the foundation, could theoretically last the entire lifespan of your home, your roof is unfortunately not one of them. The only roofing material that could last as long as the rest of your home is a metal roof, which can last up to 100 years and require minimal maintenance.

It’s Okay to Power Wash Your Roof

While keeping your roof clean is a part of roof maintenance best practices, you should never use a power washer, especially on an asphalt roof. A power washer uses too much pressure and can damage the shingles and cause them to bald prematurely.

Sun Exposure Won’t Harm Your Roof

You might think that since your roof is the first line of defense from the sun, that it’s immune to the strong UV rays, but this isn’t true. UV exposure can age your roofing shingles, but luckily, you can stave off sun damage with regular maintenance and care.

Gutters Won’t Affect Your Roof

Think of your gutters as working hand in hand with your roof. While the roof keeps rain out of your home, gutters help to direct that flow of water away from your house. Preventing water from sliding down your home will protect it from structural and foundational issues down the line. Caring for your roof should always include gutter maintenance as well.

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