Home with hearts around it

Fall in Love With Your Home Again

February is the month of love, and let’s be honest, our true soulmate these days is our home. We’re spending more time than ever before within the confines of these four walls, so to keep from going stir crazy inside of them, it’s time to show our home a little TLC and then feel that care in return.

Eliminate the Problems

The first step to forming a healthy and happy relationship with our homes is to eliminate all of the problems and pain points that we feel. Make a list of all of the things you’re frustrated with, and then you can form a plan of action to resolve those issues.

One common frustration comes from high utility bills. A way to eliminate this concern is by installing solar panels on your home. Going solar is guaranteed to lower your electric bills, and could even eliminate your electric bills completely depending on other factors.

Show Your Home That You Care

When was the last time you scheduled a roof inspection or roof maintenance? These are easy and important ways to care for your home and make sure that everything is as it should be.

Some of the key benefits of regular inspections and maintenance include:

  • Finding weakened or susceptible areas before they cause significant water damage

  • Preventing damage or finding structural issues early on before it becomes a major expense

  • Peace of mind about the state of your home

Whether you want to schedule a roof inspection, install a new roof, or inquire about the addition of solar panels to your home, our team at August Roofing and Solar is here to help. Since 1991, we have been helping our customers turn their homes into a place they can love spending time. Visit our website or call us at (805) 519-8099 for more information!