Get Outside
Did you know that our bodies naturally get vitamin d when our skin has contact with the sun’s rays? This is one of the reasons it is so important to continue going outside, even in the middle of winter.

Install a Skylight
Another way to increase your vitamin d intake is to let more sunlight into your home. Start by opening up the curtains on sunny days for an instant mood boost, or take it a step further by installing a skylight in your home.

A skylight will allow natural light into your home throughout the day, decreasing your dependence on lights and electricity, and the sun will also have a warming effect on your home, reducing your need for the heating to be on as often.

There are three main types of skylights available for installation. Contact our team today to figure out which one is best for your space.

Stay Social
Social interaction is another great way to combat the winter blues. This is important whether you live alone or are at home with family; you need to socialize with people outside of your immediate four walls every once in a while.

If you are interested in going the skylight route, don’t hesitate to get started on the project. Call our team today to set up a consultation so we can inspect your space and figure out which model is best for your home and your needs! Visit our website or call us for more information!