Recommended Tips When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

As you seek to work with a professional who will complete your roofing project with excellence, remember to:

  • Hire a contractor that is licensed, certified, and insured
  • Contact the Contractors State License Board to verify their license
  • Ask our company for customer references
  • Review projects the company has recently completed
  • Do not automatically accept the lowest bid and beware of any exceptionally lower bid
  • Obtain a written contract and never sign anything unless you understand the terms
  • Use another method of payment than cash
  • Make a final payment only when you're satisfied with the job

Get It in Writing

One of the most crucial aspects involved in hiring a roofer is getting a written agreement that is signed by both you and the roofing company. To ensure your maximum protection and satisfaction, you should include a record of how you expect the work to proceed according to what the contractor has promised.

Terms to make sure are included in the contract include:

  • What hours the contractor will work
  • What will occur in the event of adverse weather
  • How unforeseen extra charges will be dealt with
  • What will happen if the work is finished later than anticipated
  • How waste will be disposed of and if that is included in the overall cost
  • Whether scaffolding will be needed and if that costs extra
  • What will happen if the work is unsatisfactory

If a contractor is unwilling to issue a contract, that's a sure sign not to hire them. On the other hand, if they do issue a contract, but it is not according to the terms you agreed upon, refuse to sign the contract until they make the necessary changes. If they are unwilling to alter the conditions, it's time to look for another roofing company.

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