Homeownership comes with a wealth of decisions. From paint colors to landscaping, every choice reflects your personal style and can add value to your property. Yet, there's one decision that doesn't just boost property appeal but also invests in a sustainable future. When done in conjunction with roofing by the same team, it's a match made in heaven and the safest choice for homeowners. Here’s why:

Seamless Roofing & Solar Process

Roofing and solar installation are both significant home upgrades. When tackled by different companies separately, they can become prolonged projects, each with its fair share of logistical challenges. By having them done together, you not only ensure a smoother process but also significantly cut down on the hassle.

From the initial demolition to the laying of the roof, followed closely by the solar panel crew – the synchronicity is evident. No waiting, no juggling between contractors, just one smooth operation from start to finish.

Optimal Solar Panel Installation

Our roofers don’t just lay down tiles; they also lay the foundation for your solar installation. With the standoffs for the solar rails flush and properly placed, there’s a minimized risk of leaks that other solar companies can otherwise step into. This optimal integration ensures that your roof isn’t just good to look at, but functional and solar-ready.


Expertise on All Fronts

When you choose to have both services done with August Roofing and Solar, you're not just getting a service. You're getting expertise in both roofing and solar. After both teams wrap up, the electrical crew swoops in, finalizing the integration and ensuring your brand new home solar system is up and running.

Time and Cost Efficiency

​​With a singular company taking on both tasks, there’s a guarantee of time and cost efficiency. No more shopping around or negotiating different contracts. One team, one project, one reasonable price.

An Investment for the Future

While the aesthetics and practicality of a new roof are undeniable, adding solar panels amplifies your home's value. You’re not only saving on electricity bills but also making a tangible contribution to an eco conscious (and cost-saving) movement.


The August Roofing & Solar Advantage

When pondering the many advantages of going solar, consider the compounded benefits of pairing it with a roofing project. It’s an efficient, cost-effective, safer, and sustainable choice.

If you're thinking of making the switch to solar in Ventura County, Santa Barbara, or Santa Clarita, don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll provide all the information needed to make an informed decision for you and your family!