When it comes to home investments, quality and value often go hand in hand. Every homeowner will find themselves at a crossroads when investing in roofing and solar solutions. This is especially true when looking for a company to hire and trying to strike a balance between cost and quality. Here we’ll take a dive into understanding the real cost of your roofing and solar investment and explain why we prioritize value over just the lowest price.

What’s Behind Roofing & Solar Pricing

If you were to establish a roofing company today, one of your primary considerations would revolve around pricing. What kind of materials would you use? Would you opt for day laborers or subcontractors? Every little choice directly influences the cost and quality of the service you provide.

August Roofing and Solar takes a unique approach. While we are acutely aware of budget considerations, we never let price dictate the quality of our work. This philosophy stands out particularly when you realize that the lowest price often means compromise at some level, be it in materials, labor, or even safety.

Why August Roofing & Solar is Different


Trained and Insured Employees: Every single one of our workers are our employees and not temporary laborers or subcontractors. This means they are covered under adequate insurance which not only protects homeowners but also upholds our commitment to our team.

Roofer Development Program: Continuous training is at the heart of our services. Our employees are on a path of career advancement, ensuring a deep commitment to excellence in their work. The pride they take in their job stems from our belief in them, treating each of them as a valuable asset to the company. We all agree that this has a direct impact on work ethic and care for our customers.

Product Quality: We offer options tailored to your budget, but we never compromise on quality. While we can adjust the price based on the products, we strictly adhere to a minimum standard, ensuring that even our most affordable products offer lasting value to our customers and team members.

Efficiency & Value: We understand the allure of low prices. However, we emphasize maximum efficiency without compromising on quality. In our view, it's about the long-term satisfaction of our clients. A one-time saving can often lead to future expenses if the quality isn't up to the mark. As the old saying goes, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten."


We aren't just looking at the here and now; we're committed to ensuring you long-term happiness with your investment. When it comes to roofing and solar installation, it's crucial to think beyond the initial price tag. At August Roofing and Solar, our commitment is to provide Ventura, Santa Barbara, and LA County homeowners with a service that brings together both value and quality, ensuring that your home gets the best possible treatment. Reach out to us today and experience the difference of true value!