Are you a homeowner contemplating the idea of switching to solar energy? Perhaps you've been wrestling with questions like, "Should I really get solar?", "Are my bills high enough to justify it?", or "Should I wait for better technology?" If these thoughts sound familiar, then this is a must watch:

Is Solar Worth It?

Let’s start with a relatable analogy: renting versus owning a home. If you rent a home, whether for a year or a decade, once you move out, there’s nothing to show for all the money you've spent. It’s somewhat similar to paying your utility bills. Every month, the bills pile up, with rates that often rise, leaving you with a feeling of losing out.

On the contrary, when you buy a house, you're building equity. Investing in home solar panels parallels this principle. Even if you have to finance your solar installation, you're swapping your electric bill for an investment that not only adds value to your home but is also environmentally beneficial. Imagine selling your house and getting an even higher return simply because you have a solar installed.

Yes, the financial aspect often comes up first when considering solar. But there's also a very real environmental advantage. By installing solar panels, you're contributing to cleaner energy, ensuring a greener future for the next generation.


The Best Time to Go Solar? Right Now!

A common question our project consultant often gets is about when to get solar. The best answer is - as soon as you possibly can!


Immediate Savings: The moment you switch to solar, you start saving. Every kilowatt-hour produced from solar costs less than what you're paying to utilities every year right now.

Increasing Costs: With time, everything gets pricier. If you opt for solar now, it's likely you'll pay less than what it will cost a few years down the line.

Efficiency: While technology continually evolves, solar panels have reached a pinnacle of efficiency. Waiting another year or two likely will not bring significant improvements, but it will certainly mean lost savings from another year without solar.

Tax Benefits: Currently, homeowners can benefit from a tax credit on solar installations. This credit can result in a quick return, depending on the time of year you install the panels. Additionally, if you're planning to replace your roof, doing it in tandem with your solar installation can save you 30% on a portion of the roofing costs.

Your future, both financially and environmentally, could be brighter with solar. So, if you've been on the fence about solar, now might be the time to make the switch. Reach out to our team today to learn more about all of our solar installation options!