In the world of solar and roofing, Chris Dyck, the founder of August Roofing & Solar, is shining bright on his pursuit for change. His long roofing background paired with an entrepreneurial spirit tells a story of resilience, adaptability, and innovation. In our chat with Solar Empower, Chris shares his experience and how he aims to redefine the contractor industry:


Kicking off his career straight out of high school, his love for the job encouraged him to start a business known for delivering excellent work. August Roofing & Solar works best for homeowners who want only the best quality, without compromise. He was also one of the first leaders in the contractor industry to introduce unique employee benefits to the field, like paid days off and health insurance for installers.

Resilience in the Contractor Industry

In 2015, Chris saw a golden opportunity to bring both roofing and solar installation together. Recognizing the challenges many homeowners faced with sub-par solar installations on their roofs, we began to integrate solar services to help remedy this all too common problem.

However, the road hasn't always been smooth. Chris and his team faced their own tough times, especially during the 2007 recession. But he stayed strong and adapted to the overwhelming challenges most businesses were facing during that time. He remembers having to make hard decisions and feeling the pressure to downsize, stressing how important it is to learn how to adapt. Chris believes real leadership comes from grit and humility. "It means being willing to roll up your sleeves and take action.” Today, his company is continuing to grow, and these lessons learned over the decades help guide the way.

What sets August Roofing & Solar apart in the crowded market is our commitment to professionalism, hard work, and giving our customers peace of mind. Our practice focuses on homeowners who value quality, avoiding production projects that often sacrifice quality for cost.


The Future of Southern California Homeowners

With a keen eye on Southern California's market opportunities, August Roofing & Solar aims to grow in both the roofing and solar divisions. Chris's vision for the future is clear: to take advantage of the demand for renewable energy while continuing to uphold the company's legacy of excellence and craftsmanship.

To learn more about Chris Dyck's journey and the drive behind August Roofing & Solar, check out his featured interview with Solar Empower here. Take a look into the story from a visionary who's not just building roofs and installing solar panels but shaping a more sustainable, connected future.

If you’re considering going solar for your home, place your trust in a team that stands for quality, transparency, and service. Choose August Roofing & Solar.