Do you know what a failed solar installation or removal looks like? Unfortunately, we do. It's not just painful - it's costly and preventable. In our latest Roofers React episode, our team responds to a shocking solar roofing fail that left this home in shambles. If you're considering home solar or are a contractor in the solar business, this is one thing you can't afford to miss.

​​The Potential Cost of Solar Only Companies

This scene from another company’s visit to a home in Orange County is an all too common example of a solar roofing gone wrong. The homeowners, hoping to go solar peacefully, ended up with a roof leak that turned into a severely damaged roof. Why? The culprit was a solar-only company with insufficient roofing knowledge. The reality is solar installation or removal can cause leaks and other damage, IF not done properly!

Solar Installation on Old Roofs: A Risky Business

One striking error we notice many solar companies make is installing solar panels on an aging roof. The company's failure to advise the homeowners about the necessity of a roof upgrade alongside the solar installation leads to extensive and costly damage. Our mantra? Don't put solar on an old roof. It’s not just a suggestion; it’s a necessity for safeguarding your home.


​​The Effects of Bad Solar Installation

The damage we saw was not limited to a few tiles. It was a cascading effect of negligence. Tiles were not just broken but shifted. Holes were thoughtlessly drilled, exposing the underlying plywood. Flashings? None in sight. The disregard for proper solar installation techniques resulted in a roof that's not just leaking but in need of a complete overhaul.

False Savings with Low Cost Solar

One of the most disheartening aspects of this scenario is the financial burden placed on the homeowner. As noted in our reaction, "Letting customers have a future $10,000 bill is what [alot of these solar companies] are doing." It's a harsh reminder that cutting corners in solar installation can lead to devastating financial impacts down the line.

The Solar Roof Solution

Proper solar installation is a symphony of expertise in both solar energy tech and roofing. Our advice?


Choose Wisely: Select a company, like ours, that understands both roofing and solar.
Invest in Your Roof: Ensure your roof is in good condition with a proper roof inspection, and consider updating it before adding solar panels if needed.
Understand the Warranty: A warranty is only as good as the company's commitment to service.

The moral of this story: Knowledge is a necessary tool for making the right decisions for your home. When it comes to combining roofing with solar technology, it's non-negotiable to know both. Homeowners must be vigilant, and more contractors should be transparent about the scope of work required. See the damage for yourself, and understand why "solar roofing fail" should be a term you never experience firsthand.