As a homeowner who's taken the commendable step of switching to solar energy, you already understand the value of sustainable living. But, are you ensuring that your solar panels are living up to their fullest potential? Just like any part of your home, your solar panels require regular maintenance to perform their best. Let’s look at the essentials of solar panel cleaning and maintenance with expert advice straight from our solar superintendent.

​​Why Clean Solar Panels Matter

Over time, constant exposure to the elements naturally leads to dirty solar panels. But did you know this seemingly minor issue can significantly dent your panels' energy production? Dust, leaves, even bird droppings can create a layer over your panels, blocking sunlight and reducing their efficiency. Cleaning your panels once or twice a year is a necessity for sustaining peak performance.


The 3 Do's and Don'ts of Solar Panel Maintenance

The Gentle Approach

Our solar superintendent emphasizes the need for a gentle cleaning approach. Tough scrubbing brushes or any abrasive tools should be avoided. Why? They can scratch the glass (even on the micro-level), obstructing sunlight and impairing the efficiency of your solar energy system.

Say No to Harsh Chemicals

Resist the temptation to use soaps or harsh chemicals. These products can leave a residue, clouding the panel's surface and further diminishing sunlight penetration. Remember, anything that stands between the sun and your solar panels can impact their effectiveness.

Simplicity Wins

Here, the simplest solutions are the best. Plain water, coupled with a window squeegee with an extendable handle, can work wonders. For those hard-to-reach areas, a hose with a pressure nozzle, adjusted to a gentle yet firm stream, is your best friend.


​​When to Call the Pros

While DIY solar panel cleaning can be effective, considering professional help is your best choice, especially if accessing your panels poses a safety risk. Professional cleaners will also ensure a thorough job without any damage to your system or home. Learn more about our solar panel maintenance service here.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Performance

Dirt and grime substantially hinder performance, and a simple cleaning routine can reveal noticeable improvements in energy efficiency.

Whether you opt for a professional solar panel cleaning service or decide to undertake the task yourself, keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your home solar panels continue to provide you with maximum benefits!