Are you experiencing connectivity issues with your SunPower PVS6 unit? You're not alone. If all else fails, there could be 1 simple solution at hand. Today our solar superintendent will guide you through an easy fix to restore your SunPower system’s communication:

​​Why You Might Be Losing Connection

The SunPower PVS6 is named to be “the brains of the SunVault system,” a vital component in monitoring your home's solar energy production and usage. When it encounters connectivity issues, we understand it can lead to frustration and hinder you from managing your system. Are you constantly losing connection to your SunPower solar panels? Often, this problem arises due to the PVS6 device being on the fringe of your Wi-Fi range.

Extend Your WiFi

If you’ve tried troubleshooting the device as much as possible already, a WiFi extender can be a game-changer in this scenario. Available at any electronics retailer like Best Buy, these extenders amplify your WiFi signal, ensuring that your PVS6 stays connected. Here’s how you can execute this simple solution:


Choose the Right WiFi Extender: Look for extenders that are compatible with your home's Wi-Fi router.
Placement: Install the WiFi extender closer to your PVS6 unit. The closer it is, the stronger the signal.
Connect to the PVS6: Follow the simple WiFi settings process on your SunPower app to connect your PVS6 to the extended network.

Don't let a simple connectivity issue diminish the benefits of your SunPower PVS6. Find your solution and ensure that your home solar panels continue to function at their best. If you encounter further issues or have questions about your SunPower PVS6, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Your journey towards a more sustainable and efficient home is our top priority.

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