Are you a homeowner in Southern California dreaming of securing energy for your home without the big electric companies? At August Roofing and Solar, we don't just install solar panels; we deliver energy independence straight from the experts that know how to keep your home safe and protected. Let's explore the craftsmanship from our roofers and the cutting-edge SunPower technology that powers our solar installation process.

​​Why Choose SunPower

Our solar and roofing teams are proud to install SunPower solar systems, the epitome of efficiency and reliability in the solar industry. We’ll walk you through the first step to going solar, getting your solar panel installed on your roof. No matter if you opt for the M-series or U-series, you can feel confident that you are getting the best in the market.

The Solar Panel Installation Process

Because we are roofers first, our installation process is not just about placing panels on your roof; it's backed by methods and knowledge that will prevent issues later down seen in many solar-only company services.

  1. Pegasus Flashing: This is your shield against the elements! We begin with the Pegasus flashing, a crucial component for roofs in good condition. By applying mastic in a U shape, we create an impenetrable barrier against water, ensuring that your installation is as durable during the wet months as it is efficient. If your home requires a re-roof, we will build and seal the entire roof first before installing your solar panels. ​

  2. Secure Foundation: Our experts meticulously install the racking system, anchoring it directly to the rafters with the flashing for unmatched stability. This solid foundation is crucial for the long-term performance and safety of your solar setup. 
  3. The Dual Expertise of Roofing and Solar Installation: What sets us apart is our full spectrum expertise in both roofing and solar. Our team comprises seasoned roofers who are equally skilled in solar installation and understand how to maintain the integrity of your roof. This unique combination guarantees that your roof remains leak-proof and perfectly ready for solar panel integration. 

  4. AC Panels with Built-in Microinverters: These SunPower panels are equipped with its own micro inverter, converting DC to AC power right at the source. This innovative feature not only enhances efficiency but also provides rapid shutdown for safety and code compliance. Even more, SunPower engineers have gone a step further to design these systems to be installer-friendly, making it easy to adjust your system to your home. 
  5. System Mapping for Optimized Performance: Our attention to detail extends to system mapping. By recording each panel's serial number, we enable precise monitoring and troubleshooting, ensuring each panel performs at its peak. If one is not performing 100%, we can identify which panel right away. 

The SunPower and August Roofing & Solar Difference

We believe that your Southern California home deserves the best in solar technology and installation expertise, without wasting costs later down the road. August Roofing and Solar is not just a service provider; we are your trusted partner in your journey to going solar. Since being in the industry, we’ve learned how SunPower panels are engineered for maximum output, durability, and lifespan, outshining many.


If you’re thinking about joining a community dedicated to a sustainable future, our team is equipped with the finest equipment and expertise, ready to guide you through every step. From the initial consultation to the exhilarating moment your entire system is installed and your bill to the electric company ends forever. Contact August Roofing and Solar today, and let us tailor a solar solution that brightens your home and your future!