Have you ever wondered how solar energy is transformed into usable electricity for your home? The answer lies in the electrical system that connects your roof panels to the grid, and today we're going to unveil its secrets.

Forget about technical jargon and confusing diagrams. We're taking you on a clear-cut, step-by-step journey through the solar electrical installation process, breaking down each component and its role in powering your home with clean energy.

​​Step 1: The Sub Panel


Think of the sub panel as the central command center of your solar system. It's where all the circuits from your rooftop solar panels converge, each secured with their own breaker for safety and convenience.

Step 2: Connecting to the Main Grid


From the sub panel, main feeders journey through sturdy conduit, finally reaching the main service panel of your home. Here, is where your produced energy is fed first to your home, then to the grid. Whatever remaining energy you don’t use gets fed out to the grid and earns you valuable solar tax credits!

Step 3: Smart Solar Panel Monitoring


Meet the PVS6, your personal solar production tracker. This sleek device connects to your Wi-Fi, putting your energy generation at your fingertips. Monitor your home solar system's performance in real-time, analyze historical data, and feel empowered with the surveillance of your energy production.

The PVS6 doesn't just paint a broad picture; it breaks down your solar system's performance panel by panel. This level of detail allows you to identify any individual panel issues with laser precision, so you’re able to locate any problems right away.

Step 4: Remote Performance Monitoring


Our dedication extends beyond installation. We can remote monitor your system, proactively identifying any potential issues before they affect your energy production. We’ll ensure your system runs at peak performance, maximizing your savings and environmental impact.

Step 5: Easy Solar Battery Upgrade


Even if you start with solar-only, adding battery storage later is a smooth and simple process. Simply swap out the sub panel for the "Hub Plus" and enjoy a powerful upgrade to your existing system. This allows you to store excess energy generated during peak hours and utilize it during a power outage, maximizing your self-consumption and further reducing your reliance on the grid.

Future-Proof Your Home’s Energy

By understanding how your home solar’s electrical system is installed, you’re empowered to make informed decisions about your energy usage, maintenance, and future upgrades.

Ready to take control of your energy bill? Contact us today for a no-cost-to-you consultation and let us design a solar system that perfectly meets your needs and budget. Take charge of your energy future and start enjoying the benefits of clean, sustainable solar power.