Have you seen a growing water stain on your ceiling? Or maybe dripping water during a storm? A roof leak isn't just an inconvenience, it's a looming fear: potential structural damage, skyrocketing repair costs, and the nagging uncertainty of who to trust to fix it. Our customer, Jay Pierson, shares his experience with August Roofing & Solar’s highly qualified roofing team who turned his leaky nightmare into a sigh of relief:

What Made August Roofing & Solar Different


100% Professionalism: No pushy salesmen, just a quick, thorough inspection and a fair quote for quality work. Our roofing consultant promptly assessed the damage, providing a clear diagnosis and a no-pressure quote for the work needed. We aim to instantly set the tone for the entire experience, putting you at ease knowing that quality roofing work is well underway from the get-go.


Respectful Roofing Crew: Our roofing and solar crews prioritize cleanliness and courtesy every step of the way. From bringing in a porta-potty to avoid using our customers’ bathroom to keeping you informed about potential falling debris, we do our part to ensure your family's safety.


Experience & Reputation: With over 30 years of serving Southern California, we aren’t just any roofing company that comes to get the job done. We are seasoned professionals who have built a rock-solid reputation for high quality work, materials, and customer satisfaction. Jay knew that choosing August meant choosing expertise and a proven track record of success, rather than gambling with the cheapest quote from any Simi Valley roofer.


Lower Roofing Cost, Higher Risks: Many learn the hard way that cutting corners with roofing often leads to bigger problems and higher costs in the long run. Jay chose quality and confidence over the allure of the lowest bidder. We will show you how investing in better workmanship and peace of mind, means a roof leak that won’t haunt you again in the future.


Your Highest Home Investment

Your roof is the shield that protects your most valuable investment – your home. Don't risk its safety with unreliable contractors or quick fixes. Jay's experience with August Roofing & Solar is a testament to the difference professionalism, experience, and quality can make.

Ready to experience the August difference? Contact August Roofing & Solar today for a no-cost-to-you roofing or solar consultation and see why we’re the trusted choice for homeowners across Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita, and Los Angeles County.