Thinking about going solar? You probably know that investing in solar can significantly reduce your monthly cost of living and your environmental impact. But with so many options, choosing the right company can feel overwhelming. Watch our customer’s real-life account of her solar journey that started with major roof leaks and ended with saving costs on energy every year by choosing the right companies.

​​From Roof Leaks to Energy Independence

Jessie's 40-year-old roof that had been riddled with leaks demanded action. Meanwhile, she wanted to make the right choice going green with the best solar panels on the market. After hours of research, here’s why she went with SunPower installed by August Roofing & Solar:


Best Solar Panel Performance: Forget average panels. Sunpower’s industry-leading warranties, exceptional power output that beats other panels, and efficient design meant more bang for her buck. Aside from the system itself, the SunPower app makes it easy to track energy production, monitor solar batteries, and the performance of each individual solar panel.

Transparency & Expertise: Unlike other companies that play brand roulette or choose the lowest bidder, we proudly champion SunPower's superior technology. Why? We continuously witness their unmatched performance and stand behind every watt their system generates. SunPower panels paired with August Roofing & Solar support gives you everything you need to secure years of confidence for your home.

Lower Your Energy Cost: Jessie saw solar as liberation, a way to escape rising electricity costs and the big electric company’s control. Rather than paying for energy usage that rises in the hot and cold months, solar homeowners are paying to increase their property value (and for a price that has an end date)! We’ll show you how to ditch your endless electric bill and start investing in your home.

Get a Roof and Solar Installation Expert


SoCal Roofing & Solar Masters: Here at August Roofing & Solar, we’re not just solar enthusiasts, we're roofing experts. Our combined expertise ensures a seamless roofing or solar installation, guaranteeing a watertight, energy-efficient haven that won’t haunt you in the future. We’re the team people call when things go wrong at the hands of solar-only companies!

We'll design the perfect solar system for your home, powered by SunPower's innovation and our unwavering commitment to excellence. Don't just dream of lowering your monthly costs, make it a reality with August Roofing & Solar and SunPower! Reach out to us today for a no-cost-to-you roofing or solar consultation.