Knowing how to safely shut down your SunPower solar battery system is crucial, especially in emergencies or during maintenance. Our trusted solar superintendent will walk you through different ways to turn off your SunPower solar panel system, giving you the power right when you need it.

The RPO Switch


The Remote Power Off (RPO) switch is your go-to option for complete system shutdown. Located near your main service panel, it's easily accessible to firefighters and ensures their safety while working on your roof. SunPower prioritizes safety in every detail, and the RPO switch is a prime example of how SunPower is putting you first.

Battery-Only Shutdown

For situations where you only want to shut down your solar battery system and keep your backup circuits on:

1. Open the Hub+ door and follow the clear instructions to turn off the designated ESS Inverter breakers.


2. SunVault Solar Battery Shutdown: For the first model, access the battery cabinet breakers under a small cover and shut those down.


For newer systems, you’ll have a round disconnect switch that you'll turn to off shown in the image below.


Remember: Always consult your SunPower manual instructions first, or contact a SunPower professional if you're unsure about any steps.

Why SunPower for Your Home Solar?

SunPower goes above and beyond in safety, design, and innovation. Their solar batteries are rigorously tested and exceed industry standards. Plus, their entire home solar system is well-designed and easy to understand, for both solar installers and owners.

At August Roofing & Solar, our solar panel installers are trained in both solar tech and roofing. This power duo will give you confidence in knowing that your SunPower system is installed properly. Risks of roof damage and leaks are known all too well in the industry, and we’re here to change that!

Contact us today for a no-cost-to-you solar or roofing consultation and let our team of experts guide you towards a brighter, more sustainable future.