The short answer is: it shouldn’t.

One common question among homeowners in Southern California considering solar panels is whether the installation process can lead to roof leaks. A well-executed solar installation should not compromise the integrity of your roof. In fact, it should ensure that your roof remains secure and leak-free.

Unfortunately, the solar industry does have many instances of poorly installed home solar systems causing roof damage and leaks. But does that mean you should never go solar? Absolutely not! Here's why solar panel installation doesn't have to equal roof problems, and how you can avoid the loss of your investment.

Why Solar Panel Installations Should Not Cause Roof Leaks


Reputable Solar Installers: The integrity of your roof depends heavily on the installation process. Reputable solar companies should know roof protection. Integrating high-quality flashing, sealing, and roof installation techniques ensure a watertight seal around every penetration made to mount the solar panels.

Roof Compatibility: Your roof's age and condition matter. An expert installer will thoroughly inspect your roof before giving the go-ahead for solar panel installation. If your roof needs pre-installation repairs or replacement, they should inform you upfront so it won’t cost you thousands to remove and repair later down the road.

Strong Solar & Roof Warranty: Make sure both your solar installation and your roof are covered! Getting covered on just your solar panels is not enough. Give your home peace of mind knowing that your roof is covered through installation, removal, or solar reinstallation in the future.

The Start of Solar R&R: Solar Removal & Reinstallation


This service involves removing the solar panels, repairing any damage to the roof, and then reinstalling the panels correctly. The need for solar removal and reinstallation (aka Solar R&R) is becoming more frequent in Southern California and areas all across the country. Here’s why:

The #1 Reason for Solar Removal


Poor solar installations can lead to roof leaks down the line even years after the initial installation. From poor sealing that isn’t water-tight, to putting solar panels on an aged roof, many solar-only companies lack roofing expertise that keeps your home safe. A bad solar panel installation might show itself through roof leaks that happen during storms, or ones that gradually increase over time without obvious signs. And remember, simply patching up the leak area isn't a long-term solution when the underlying cause is related to how the solar panels were installed.

How to Prevent Roof Leaks from Solar Installation

We understand that your home is your biggest investment. That's why we are proud to be the only Southern California team certified in both roofing and solar installations. Here's how we protect your roof and start your solar savings journey the right way:


Pre-Installation Roof Inspection: Our experts examine your roof for any existing issues or conditions requiring attention before solar panels are installed. If anything comes up on our radar, we let you know first and take care of those repairs for maximum long-term protection.

The Roofer’s Technique: All our solar installation crews are fully trained roofers and solar installers. They know the best ways to seal roof penetrations so that each panel installation is done with precision and care to prevent future leaks.

Solar R&R Experts: If you're already dealing with a roof leak stemming from poor home solar installation - we can properly remove your system, make roof repairs, and reinstall your solar panels. All completely covered by the strongest warranty in the market!

Going solar doesn't have to be a gamble for your roof's health. By choosing a company that puts your roof and savings first, you protect your home and transition to clean energy with confidence. If you're a Southern California homeowner ready for solar done right, contact us today for a no-cost-to-you consultation!

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