Solar panels have become a familiar sight on rooftops across Southern California. They're a fantastic way to get cleaner energy and avoid the bill to the big electric company. But things aren’t the way they used to be back in 2023. The way you get credit for the solar power you generate has seen major changes, and that switches up the game for California solar homeowners entirely.


Thanks to Southern California Edison’s updated Time Of Use (TOU) rates and NEM 3.0, solar owners can still face a hefty electric bill. These new rates hit your wallet during peak hours, exactly when your solar panels aren't generating power and you simply need most of your appliances running.

In the past, California offered a simple system – you generated 1 kW of solar power, you got 1 kW of credit on your electricity bill. Now, things are more nuanced. Under the recent changes, the price Edison pays you for the excess energy you send them dropped a whole 75%! In short, your energy is not worth what it used to be.


What does this mean for peak hours?

As we know, most Americans get home with their loved ones between 3 and 6pm. This means the remainder of the evening is when you need energy the most, but your solar panels can’t produce enough at night to cover your energy. This is why solar homeowners send excess energy produced during the day to SC Edison, so you can get credits that you will use for these nighttime peak hours in exchange for utility power.

Here’s the bad news… Under NEM 3.0, the credits Edison now pays you typically won’t be able to cover the entire cost of your energy during the peak times (4pm-9pm). Now, you're stuck paying high prices for energy during your peak hour use.


How to avoid this?

Under SCE’s TOU peak time rates and NEM 3.0, a solar battery is your number 1 way to save money.

Why You Need a Solar Battery in California


This is where a solar battery swoops in to save you money in the long run. It acts like a personal energy bank. Throughout the day, your solar panels generate power. Your home uses what it needs, and any excess gets stored in the battery.

Beat the Peak Hours: Southern California Edison's Time-of-Use (TOU) rates are brutal. They charge significantly more for electricity during peak hours. This is exactly when your solar production dips. But here's the beauty – when those expensive hours hit, your battery kicks in. You're powered by your own stored solar energy, avoiding sky-high TOU charges.

No more dreading the evening "peak hour penalty."


​​More Solar Battery Benefits

Power Outage Protection: California faces power outages every year. If you’re in an area that sees outages especially in the summer months, rest assured you’re taken care of! With a solar battery you'll always have backup power - keeping your lights on, internet connected, and essential appliances running smoothly.


Maximize Your Investment: By keeping more of the solar power you generate for your home and using it strategically during peak hours, you maximize the return on your solar panel investment rather than losing it to the grid and cheap credits.

So, is a solar battery needed for your home solar panel system? In Southern California’s energy landscape, with its new pricing and expensive peak hours, it's a resounding YES!

Want to take control of your energy and stop losing to Edison completely? Contact August Roofing & Solar for any home solar project in Ventura County, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles County. We’ll show you all the ways you can affordably add a solar battery to your home and have it installed by our solar roof experts - risk-free!