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Malibu, CA Solar Panel Company

No one likes paying for high electricity costs, month after month. With a large solar installation, however, you can drastically reduce your utility bills or even eliminate them. August Roofing & Solar is a skilled solar panel company in the Malibu area that would be pleased to come out and equip your home.

We started as a Malibu roofing company in 1991, and have since added high-quality solar to our services. We believe in providing professional service, peace of mind for all our customers and guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our work. As a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, you can trust us for flawless work. Our solar services include:

Malibu's Respected Solar Roofing Company

Residential solar panels require an extensive installation. If you're considering the service, it's best to hire a very skilled solar company. August Roofing & Solar has decades of experience, so you can be certain that we'll provide you with good work. All our solar installations utilize SunPower products, an industry-leading brand that has superior performance and energy production. Some of the top benefits of solar include:

  • Large Tax Incentives and Rebates
  • Less Reliance on the Electrical Grid
  • Reduced or Eliminated Electrical Bills
  • Unique Financing Opportunities

Expand Your Power Capacity with Our Battery Storage

When installing solar in your home, it's absolutely crucial that you pair the panels with a properly sized battery bank. Small batteries will not hold all the power that your panels produce, making much of the sun's energy go to waste. A large battery bank will allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar even when it's cloudy or during winter. After analyzing your home, we'll devise a custom battery bank that's suited to your power consumption.

Malibu Solar Maintenance and Repairs

SunPower panels have a warranty of up to 25 years, but that doesn't mean your panels won't require service from time to time. If yours become dirty after storms, their efficiency will be reduced. Similarly, pests and birds can chew away at the wires, causing shortages. If you ever experience any problems with your installation, August Roofing & Solar can provide quality solar maintenance.

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If you've been looking to make a change to your home and are considering solar, August Roofing & Solar would be pleased to help. Our comprehensive installations, maintenance, and battery systems will provide you with a complete system that never disappoints. In addition, we are an accomplished roofing company in Malibu, so if you're looking to install a new roof as well, give our SolaRoof package a try. Reach out today for a quote.