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When it comes to roofing services, people are often quick to judge the quality of shingles as causing problems with leaks or extensive water damage due to retained moisture. This is why many people are surprised when they keep finding damp spots in their ceiling or along the walls despite having quality re-roofing or even a brand-new roof replacement. Perhaps there is noticeably weakened infrastructure along the edges and corners of your house or in the beams. Yet what could be causing these additional problems when you have even gone the extra mile to have frequent roof inspections or maintenance?

The trouble is that even though many people blame faulty shingles for their roofing issues, the real culprit might be their gutters. What few homeowners realize is that damaged gutters not only lead to the continual damp spots in their house, causing warped wood and furnishings and ruined carpet, but that leaky or worn gutters can contribute to the overall weakness of their roofs – or even start to impact their foundations. At August Roofing and Solar, our team of professional gutter experts in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas can handle your gutter emergencies with speed and reliability.

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Signs That Your Gutters Need Repairs

It is important to get your gutters repaired the moment that you notice that they are failing. Gutters are designed to pull water away from the building so it does not erode either the roof or the foundation. Looking out for key signals of malfunction is vital for taking the warning precautions to protect against gutter failure.

Some examples that your gutters might be in danger include:
  • Constant stains or damp areas appear on the siding or molding of the walls

  • Collections of water that pool near the base or foundation of your home

  • Your basement continually is subject to dampness and moisture, or you notice outright leaks

  • Gutters quickly overflow even during brief bouts of rain

  • Repetitive blockages due to leaves and other debris

  • Small cracks or gaps appear in the gutters

Gutter Installations & Replacements In Simi Valley & Beyond

Sometimes your gutters may be too damaged to properly fix, or the cost of repairing them is even more than simply replacing them. Alternatively, you might be moving into a new home or building on an annex to your house, in which case you’ll also need completely new installations of gutters. In either case, you will want to have a professional do your installation the right way the first time.

Otherwise, you might find that hastily or improperly installed gutters will not be efficient at preventing mold, moisture, or decay from collecting. This will also waste money since you will eventually need to have an expert repair your gutters anyway – so make sure the job is done right the first time with one of our certified technicians.

Quality You Can Trust & Premium Variety of Selection

From brand-new installation to routine repair services, our professional crews are certified experts in providing top-notch service of all kinds. We make sure to only utilize the highest quality tools and materials for any of our customers seeking gutter services in Simi Valley. No two homes are exactly alike, and neither are gutters. August Roofing and Solar also provides our customers with a huge variety of color selections to match the unique style of their individual homes.

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