We all know the countless horror stories about roofers, solar installers, and contractors as a whole. At August Roofing and Solar, we're redefining the industry with our commitment to exceptional professionalism, transparency, and customer peace. But how exactly are we doing this? Let our project consultant walk you through our unique benefits that you won’t get anywhere else:

1. Proof of Our Vision

Every member of our team is passionate about exceeding expectations. We believe professionalism and construction can go hand-in-hand, and our track record of glowing reviews on Google proves it.

2. No Day Laborers or Subcontractors

Say goodbye to day laborers and subcontractors. Our well-trained employees take pride in our company, resulting in superior workmanship, accountability, and loyalty to their work on your home.


3. Daily Updates on Your Home

Monitor your project from your couch! We capture daily photos, so you can feel confident that the work we are doing matches our promises.

4. No Money Down

No more upfront payments on any roofing or solar work. With our team, you only pay when the work is finished and you're completely satisfied. This level of security is unheard of in the industry.

5. Service Over Selling

Tired of pushy salespeople? Our consultants are like doctors, carefully diagnosing your roof's problems before recommending solutions. If it’s solar you’re looking for, they will make sure that your roof is ready for panel installation so future damage does not come to haunt your home.


6. Roofing & Solar Project Detailing

No surprises here. We walk you through every step, from crew arrival to color and shingle options so everyone's on the same page. We believe in honest pricing and transparency. After we’ve assessed your roof’s condition, you'll receive a quote on the spot, along with financing options and alternative solutions. Move forward at your own pace, no pressure guaranteed.

7. Quality First

We understand budget constraints, but we never compromise on quality. Our decisions are based on long-term value and your ultimate satisfaction, not just the lowest price tag. Just as the saying goes, we can promise that “you are getting what you pay for,” and that’s only the best!


8. The Best Solar Panels

We install top-of-the-line SunPower solar panels, known for their exceptional efficiency and performance. You can enjoy reliable solar energy production along with the best warranty in the business. With installers that KNOW roofs, you can be sure that your new home solar system will stand the test of time.

Ready to experience the August Roofing & Solar difference? Contact us today for a no-cost-to-you consultation and let our passion for quality and professionalism transform your home!