Southern California homes practically beg for solar panels. The sunny weather is abundant, our energy bills are rising, and the cost of living is only going up. You know it’s time to cut the bill to Southern California Edison, but when and how?


There's a common misconception that summer, with its long sunny days, is the ultimate solar season. While summer and fall make for great weather, it's not the whole story. There’s two particular surprising times to get solar:

The first absolute perfect time to get solar is when you’re getting your roof replaced. Here's why:

Save On Solar: Roof replacement is a significant investment. By bundling it with solar panel installation, you can leverage the existing time the crews are already spending on your roof to begin prepping and installing solar. Solar roofing companies like August Roofing & Solar offer great discounted options for a combined project!

Minimized Risk: A new solar roof creates a dream team for efficiency. If solar panels get installed on an aging roof, you can be sure a roof leak and costly repairs are waiting in the near future. But with a brand new foundation for your solar panels to grip to, you'll enjoy worry-free solar production for decades to come.


The second best time to get solar is during the late winter or early spring:

Get the most from your Solar! Getting your install earlier in the year allows for you to benefit from solar savings in the hottest (and sunniest) parts of the year IMMEDIATELY. Why would you wait to save on solar in the middle of July when electricity is the most expensive? An early year installation allows you to skip the heat heartache that hits your pockets the most from big energy companies like Southern California Edison.

Cut Your Wait Time for Solar: For roofing and solar installation crews, late winter and early spring are usually a slower time of year. This could mean you’ll be able to have your solar installation scheduled within weeks instead of within months.

Remember, it’s never a BAD time to invest in a new home solar panel system, but with a little planning, you can maximize your benefits.

Why Go Solar Now (Not Later)

Tax Credits: The federal government and California offers a variety of solar incentives when you purchase a system, including tax credits and rebates that help reduce your energy cost and maximize your long-term savings. These incentives are constantly evolving, so there's no time like the present to take advantage.

Affordable Options: If you’re not ready to make the jump and purchase an entirely brand new system, solar leasing may be your next option to consider. It is far less costly, but be sure to know the exact terms you’re signing to. Want to learn more about leasing through a solar PPA? Click here to know the key difference and talk to our experts today!

Energy Independence: Solar panels offer a protective shield against rising electricity costs. By generating your own clean energy, you'll be less reliant on the grid and more in control of your home’s needs. If you want to be nearly 100% off the grid, adding a solar battery is a great opportunity to finally cut ties with your bill from Edison! Learn more about solar batteries here.


Environmental Benefit: As you already may know, going solar means you'll be actively reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, greener future for all of Southern California!

If your roof needs a replacement (or not), don’t wait to make the switch. We'll discuss all the options available to you, including purchasing your solar panel system outright, leasing, and even the benefits of adding a solar battery for the highest level of solar energy independence. Contact our crew today and see how we can make your dream of having solar - possible!


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