You're considering solar, the ultimate upgrade for your Southern California home. But some new questions might arise in your mind like: should I also invest in a solar battery? Is a battery overkill for my home solar panel system? Here’s a few reasons why you should, or shouldn’t, add a solar battery!

What Are Your Power Needs?

Our project consultant, John Elliott, explains why your decision should hinge on three key factors:

Power Outages: How frequent and disruptive are they in your area? If you experience frequent power outages and rely heavily on electricity, a battery can be a lifesaver, keeping essential appliances like your fridge and internet up and running.


Lifestyle During Outages: Do you require normalcy during blackouts? While a battery won't power your entire home, it can provide enough energy for basic needs, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.


Financial Considerations: Let's be honest, solar batteries are an investment. They won't directly save you money like solar panels, but they can offer some financial benefits like:

  • Time-of-Use Savings: Batteries can intelligently choose the cheapest source of power: grid, solar, or battery – potentially reducing your electricity bill.
  • Increased Independence: Generate and store your own energy, reducing reliance on the grid and potentially future-proofing against rising electricity costs.

The Solar Battery Reality

It's important to have realistic expectations. Batteries won't power your entire house indefinitely. They're more like backup generators for essential needs. And while they can offer some cost savings, it's not enough to offset their initial cost entirely. Think of them as a luxury item that can provide much more comfort during times of need and more energy independence.

Finding the Best Solar Panel & Battery Installer


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